Notes from my colleague Mike Emanuel’s interview with Sen. Marco Rubio


See email from FNC’s Mike Emanuel below:

I snagged a quick interview with Senator Marco Rubio late today about Immigration Reform after the first day of markup, and a couple of questions about his opposition to Labor Secretary nominee Tom Perez. If anybody needs sound later tonight or Friday, FYI! Sarah Courtney logged, and was kind enough to verbate a couple of Immigration SOT options.-Mike

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) pretape interview with Mike Emanuel


Q day one?

the bill is better today than it was yesterday , it’s always a starting point

vast majority prepared to do something about immigration reform if we can ensure there’s not going to be a wave of illegal immigration in the future

probably more work to do, encouraged by work and tone of Senators

Q ppl who aren’t going to vote – constructive tone?

some senators end of the day no matter what changes are made, they probably won’t vote for it

open for the public to see, moving to something, legit concerned

Grassley says secure the entire boarder, a very good ammendment – more like that to be done, encouraged by first day

Q security?

we’ve heard not just from conservatives, Americans are prepared to do immigration reform if no wave of illegal immigration in the future – one way is boarder security

mandatory E verify these things must happen – in order for single green card – important big win

Q labor sec?

i’m not going to support Mr. Peres – in his time in public service he’s been unable to constrain his liberal leanings

dont’ want see that in the Department of Labor, that type of politics – he’s the wrong choice for that positions

Q Too left?

there’s great for the president, when a nominee is an activist, leans far to the left, there’s just no way good nomination, not going to support that.