Chairman Issa says IRS’s Lois Lerner is STILL under subpoena

Issa Lerner

Below is an email / explainer from FNC’s Chad Pergram:

Urgent: Explanation on how/why Lerner could be recalled

Per Pergram-Capitol Hill


I spoke at length with House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) off-camera (would not come on camera) about the hearing and the question as to recalling Lois Lerner.


Issa points out that he RECESSED the hearing…he did not ADJOURN the hearing.


There is a BIG parliamentary difference. If you recess the hearing…the hearing is still ongoing. If you adjourn the hearing, it’s done. Issa would have to issue another subpoena for Lerner…and chances are, she might comport herself a lot differently than she did yesterday.


Go back to the GSA hearing with Jeff Neely, the GSA executive who threw the lavish party in Las Vegas.


Once Issa swore him in…Neely immediately repeated a rote mantra, invoking his 5th Amendment rights to every question Issa asked. He said nothing else and never deviated. Issa finally dismissed him.


In this case, Lerner was sworn-in…then read an opening statement where she declared she did nothing wrong….THEN leaned on the Fifth Amendment when Issa asked questions…hence the protest from Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC).


So….Issa tells me off-camer that “I had a script to allow her to take the Fifth”….meaning he was expecting a similar exchange to what he had in April, 2012 with Neely. She didn’t do that.



I think that testimony was germane.



You can’t puit the genie back in the bottle.



Everything she said under oath is subject to perjury.


Hence, she is technically still under subpoena…but has not been recalled yet…but very well could. And Issa said as much yesterday.

Chad Pergram

Senior Producer for Capitol Hill

FOX News