What does the State Department say about Chairman Issa’s subpoena? click to find out


Below is from FNC’s James Rosen:


On the record from State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell:


We have demonstrated an unprecedented degree of cooperation with the Congress on the issue of Benghazi, engaging in over 30 hearings and briefings for Members and staff, and sharing over 25,000 pages of documents with Committees.


The State Department remains committed to working cooperatively with the Congress and we will take stock of any new or outstanding requests for information, and determine the appropriate next steps.


Secretary Kerry and the President are focused first and foremost on implementing the ARB’s recommendations and going above and beyond – to ensure that our men and women have the security they need to carry out their vital missions. All of us – in the Administration, in the Congress, in the media – we should all be focused on the issue of protecting the American diplomats and development experts who are working every day to advance America’s national interest and global leadership.