President Bashir is a very bad person (evil is a more accurate description) — now look what he is threatening

child with malnutrition -- President Bashir did this to her

As you know, I traveled about a year ago to Sudan and South Sudan with Reverend Franklin Graham and saw President Bashir’s ugly handiwork — he loves to bomb innocent people in the Nuba Mountains and if he doesn’t kill them with a bomb, he loves to terorize them into living in caves with no food or water.  (See the pic of this innocent child Bashir is trying to kill….and he probably was successful killing that child since I was there a year ago.)  Do you know what kind of coward and horrible person you have to be to kill innocent kids?

  Bashir is under indictment in the ICC but no country will do the right thing when he travels outside Sudan and put him in handcuffs and ship him to the Hague to answer to the ICC indictment.   (Chad was latest coward.) 

So what is the good President Bashir up to now? read below.  As luck would have it….the oil that supports South Sudan is in South Sudan and the only way to get it to market is via the pipeline in Sudan.

It looks like the crisis is about to escalate.

(And yes, South Sudan has its own problems it needs to clean up but my attention is focused on the utter cruelty in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan.)

Sudan Threatens to Close Pipeline


The Sudanese government said Tuesday it would no longer negotiate with rebels it accuses South Sudan of backing, and threatened to close the pipeline carrying crude-oil shipments from its landlocked neighbor.

Supporters gathering outside the military headquarters in Khartoum on Monday after the army announced it had seized back the town of Abu Kershola from the Sudanese Revolutionary Front.

The decision is a significant setback for the African Union-led efforts to end a conflict that has displaced tens of thousands of people in the past two years. It comes as Sudan’s army recaptured a key town from the rebels in the oil-producing South Kordofan state, after days of heavy clashes that underscore the tense situation between the two countries.

“The message from the president [Omar al Bashir] is that we cannot continue talking to people who are terrorizing citizens,” said government spokesman Rabie Abdelaty.

Mr. Bashir also told state news agency SUNA that Sudan would close the pipeline carrying oil shipments from the south if South Sudan continues to support the rebels operating in the states of South Kordofan, Blue Nile and Darfur on Sudan’s southern border.

South Sudan pumps its crude to port Sudan through two pipelines from its Unity and Upper Nile states. The pipelines are vital to the two nation’s economies, which are still struggling to recover from the lost revenue following a 15-month oil-production shutdown.