Check out what Reverend Franklin Graham and Samaritan’s Purse is doing RIGHT NOW


Yes, it is true that Samaritan’s Purse RIGHT NOW has volunteers still in Joplin, Missouri (tornado 2 years ago and still a mess), volunteers in New Jersey/New York (last fall’s Hurricane Sandy)…and in Oklahoma (the scattering of tornados that have mowed down 13,000 homes and killed!)   They have people every place helping! 

But that’s not all..while they are busy doing the foregoing, tonight they are also working with our wounded soldiers in Alaska — taking them out fishing and enjoying the wild.  It is a remarkable Samaritan’s Purse program called Operation Heal Our Patriots!

See the note from Reverend Franklin Graham below and the pic he just emailed me!  (and of course, if you want to help or even just read more about the program, go to CLICK HERE)  Anything you can do to help and make yourself part of this will be well worth it. It is fun to help.

The extraordinary help is why I am such a big fan of Samaritan’s Purse….they just don’t stop helping…..

 From Reverend Franklin Graham who is in Alaska tonight with Operation Heal Our Patriots: 

This picture was taken a little while ago in front of Samaritan Lodge Alaska. We have nine couples this week. Most are recovering from multiple injuries. They are some of America’s best