Why isn’t DNI Director James Clapper going to be there? Who is Attorney General Eric Holder sending to talk to entire House of Reps for NSA briefing

Below is from FNC’s Chad Pergram:

Urgent: Fox First: DoJ’s Cole, FBI’s Joyce, others to brief entire House on NSA leaks Tuesday afternoon

Per Pergram-Capitol Hill


Adding to what I first reported late Saturday night/early Sunday morning that the entire House would be briefed tomorrow on the NSA leaks, PRISM, et al.


The briefing will be at 5 pm et. It will be classifed, to Members only and in the CVC Auditorium.


But now I have a rundown of the briefers:


Deputy Attorney General James Cole, Deputy FBI Director Sean Joyce, Deputy NSA Director Chris Inglis, Raj De of the Office of General Counsel at the NSA, Jen Easterly of the NSA, and Bob Litt, Office of General Counsel for the DNI.


This correspends with a visit for House freshmen tomorrow afternoon to the CIA headquarters in Langely. They depart the Capitol a little after 12 tomorrow. That had been on the books since late May.

In addition, I am told to expect the entire Senate to be briefed on Thursday.

Chad Pergram

Senior Producer for Capitol Hill

FOX News