Fox News Poll: Voters Oppose NSA Program, Most Lack Trust in Government


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06/12/13 Fox News Poll: Voters Oppose NSA Program, Most Lack Trust in Government

Most Americans find it unacceptable for the National Security Agency to collect the phone records of millions of U.S. citizens.  In addition, a majority lacks trust in the federal government, and an increasing number of people say it’s too big.

These are just some of the findings of a Fox News poll released Wednesday.

Sixty-two percent of voters say the government secretly collecting the phone records of millions of Americans is an “unacceptable and alarming invasion of privacy rights.”

That’s nearly twice as many as think it’s an “acceptable government action to help prevent terrorism” (32 percent).

Republicans (by 74-18 percent) and independents (by 67-26 percent) think the NSA surveillance of Americans is unacceptable.  Democrats split: 48 percent say it’s acceptable, while 46 percent say unacceptable.

Fox News Poll

NSA Secretly Collecting Phone

Records Of Millions Of U.S. Citizens

Unacceptable, Invades Privacy           62%

Acceptable, Prevents Terrorism          32%

June 9-11, 2013

Registered Voters ± 3% Pts.

Views are similar on the U.S. Department of Justice monitoring certain reporters as part of its leak investigation.  By a 34 percentage-point margin, more voters think the government’s seizure of journalists’ records was mainly done for political reasons (63 percent) as opposed to national security reasons (29 percent).

Fox News Poll

Justice Department’s Seizure Of

Journalists’ Phone Records & Emails

Political Reasons                     63%

National Security Reasons      29%

June 9-11, 2013

Registered Voters ± 3%

The Justice Department secretly obtained phone records and emails from some news organizations that had broken stories based on government leaks.

In general, when asked how much “trust and confidence” they have in the federal government, 37 percent of voters say they have a great deal (5 percent) or a fair amount (32 percent).  Sixty-three percent say they have not much confidence (41 percent) or none at all (22 percent).

Fox News Poll

How Much Trust & Confidence Do

You Have In The Federal Government?

A Great Deal                 5%

A Fair Amount            32%

Not That Much           41%

None At All                22%

June 9-11, 2013

Registered Voters ± 3%

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