ICE CHIEF JOHN MORTON getting the squeeze! That usually means in Washington, DC that you are doing something right!

John Morton

News yesterday that John Morton, the head of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement is retiring at the end of July.  

Republicans have been unhappy with him…but, in reading an article about his resignation, I read that the other side of the political spectrum – immigration rights advocates – are likewise not happy with him, even calling him ‘the bogeyman:’

“John Morton is the bogeyman in the immigrant community,” said Kica Matos, director of immigration rights with the Center for Community Change.  “Immigrant rights advocates are expressing a collective sigh of relief over his resignation.”  [Washington Post / Josh Hicks] 

And the Republicans? Here is what the Washington Post quotes Congressman Michael McCaul as saying: “Director Morton’s departure marks an opportunity for the president to commit to the full enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws…”

I always think if both sides of the political debate are unhappy with you, chances are that you are doing your job.  Yes, I know…you can’t keep everyone happy all the time and that pleasing everyone is not the job.

By the way, I have had several conversations over the years with Morton and always, whether I agreed with him or not, found him a straight shooter.