How does the Federal Government justify this? Can you up with a good reason? PLEASE POST WHAT YOU THINK

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Below is information lifted from a letter from Senator Tom Coburn to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack.  It outlines some recent government spending.  

Look at the list and tell me HOW DOES THE GOVERNMENT JUSTIFY THIS?  

(And people criticize the Tea Party for being upset about how the Federal Government spends tax dollars?)



Just this week, Wine Barn, LLC received a $25,000 USDA Value-Added Producer Grant (VAPG).

$300,000 to the Mackinaw Trail Winery in Michigan “to facilitate a major expansion of their wine sales and marketing

$162,500 to the Old Westminster Winery in Maryland

$100,000 for the Appleton Creek Winery in New York

$49,900 for marketing and operating costs for processing Nebraska sandhills grapes into wine and selling to local markets

Nearly $49,000 for marketing of Fireside Winery in Iowa

$9,000 to “be used for market and business planning” of another winery in northwest Iowa

$300,000 to the 3 Horse Ranch Vineyards in Idaho

$30,000 to the Sunnyslope Wine Trail Group “to conduct an advertising campaign”

$40,000 to the Idaho Wine Commission “to raise awareness of the state’s wine industry