See this email I received — it would be fun if we all, in response to this email, went out of our way to do something kind and report back here (comment section) at the end of the day

See this note….and it sure gives you an idea of what some people on GretaWire are like, doesn’t it? 

Hi Greta. I hate to bother you, but I was wondering if you could put up a thread this weekend sometime to suggest that we do something nice for someone. With the economy the way it is, so many people are hurting financially and/or emotionally. I think we all need to pay it forward from time to time.


The reason I am requesting this is because I was out running errands about a 1/2 hour ago (it is so hot outside and the temperature is supposed to top 108 degrees here in El Dorado Hills today) and I saw a man with his dog. He had a sign asking for food. I ran over to the grocery store and bought two one gallon jugs of water and drove back over to where he had been standing. I got out of my car to hand him the jugs of water and the man almost cried. He was so appreciative. I asked him what his story was and he said that he was from Stockton (a little over an hour from here) and does odd jobs. He lives out of his car. He said that I was the only person who had stopped by today. I gave him some money, but I think I am going to go back and give him a little more. Please know that I don’t want a “pat on the back” for this. I hate seeing people who are down on their luck. Just breaks my heart. I would have posted this, but I think you asking us to go out and do something nice for someone will obviously have a bigger impact on the bloggers:-)


Thanks and hope you and John are having a wonderful weekend.