More trial notes from FNC Serafin Gomez

Serino was trying to point out inconsistency in Zimmerman’s statement on following Martin:

Zimmerman on audio intv
9:55:25 AM I wasn’t following him
9:55:33 AM I was following  in same direction
9:55:43 AM Serino: that’s following (laughs incredulous)

**Juror E6 smiles, almost grimaces, again at this. She did same yday.

Bdlr u were pointing out inconsistencies?

Serino: Yes

*Trayvon Martin was not armed or committing crime:
9:53:08 AM was Trayvon Martin committing a crime?
No sir

9:53:16 AM any evidence that young man was armed?
No sir

O’Mara on “challenging intvs” by O’Mara

9:53:44 AM could be viewed as challenging intv based on his view of it

Who’s view?

Serino: O’Mara’s

Serafin Gomez
Miami Bureau Producer
Fox News Channel