Notes from press conference Defense Attorney for Zimmerman

FNC Serafin Gomez:

*On getting Zimmerman’s mom as first witness
1744 I wanted to get out the reality that everyone in the Zimmerman family knows that it was George screaming. There will be a lot of other witnesses that say that as well. Well just present the case were just getting started

How long will Defense take?

This a non answer but  a few days. Wednesday, Thursday it could go more. There are some rulings court will have to make, admissibility of certain evidence but I’m enjoying myself so we will go as long as we need to

Q: Zimmerman on the stand?:
We haven’t made that decision yet…I’m still considering that..we are going to start presenting our witnesses and well see if that includes George 4828

O’Mara on Zimmerman
5342 he’s very stressed the state is still trying to put him away for life in a situation where he thought he had to do to protect his own life5349 I think he will sigh a sigh a relief when the acquittal happens 5354

175059 “I wasn’t surprised by what they put on. I was probably more surprised by what they didn’t put on. Well there are other family members in the Martin family that I would have imagined they would have called 5111 so that was a bit of a surprise to me. A lot of the law enforcement officers who had heavy involvement in the case 5119

Omara presser after defense rests

17:44:23 afternoon how are you
17:44:31 get out realty that was zimmerman screaming just get started.
17:44:47 i wasnt sure how and when state was gong to end their case
17:44:56 i’m happy with way it worked out
17:45:03 got two witnesses down thats okay too
17:45:13 why wasnt he here this week or on stadn
17:45:22 we’ll probably bring him in when timing is right
17:45:34 joa look at it and say weighing everything thats out there, they get every benefit of doubt i respect her ruling it is what it is
17:46:02 i think they will look at both and say certainly what that mom hopes at
17:46:16 ms fulton has to live reality her son screaming treat them as the greivign paretnst hey are
17:46:37 a fwe days wed thrus coudl go more depending on ruling court has to be made
17:46:55 i think that was becasue depo three or four depo we have take
17:47:11 doesnt leave a lot of time for 3 or 4 depo
17:47:25 i think he is very literal peron if you asked him is it a nice day out
17:47:40 im okay thats his personality style have other experts dealing with those issues
17:47:53 i dont think english is first language make sure presenation is good
17:48:02 we’re litgators and he’s a scientist if i was going into surgery
17:48:17 i think i said i have to convnince myslef stat proved beyond resonable doubt presenign witness see if that includes george
17:48:44 i never thought they had proper case agains zimerman my job is to defend george
17:48:57 jurys job to decide we’ll get there
17:49:17 i this is what i do eveyr murder case i have i’ve talked to murdered persons mother father brother
17:49:33 the reality theyr’e looking at this case can only live lives believe what happened to their son was somehow somebody elses fault
17:49:58 having said that, i cerntianly had to question about it i’m sure she walked in wanting to hear her sons voice
17:50:27 in judgement of acquital literally everything has to go in favor or state, they have to be convinced beyhond a reasonbable doubt  prove my client did not act in self defense
17:50:59 no i wasnt surprised by the put on i was more besides what they didnt put on other family memebers lawenforcement officers they sort of
17:51:34 i think two or three are this weekend getting ready this is what we do middle of trial just getting ready
17:52:05 its funny because i think if most seriosly injured i’m not goign to be not human if someone wants to object i’m not going to change my stripes
17:52:51 very well crafted good prosecuters going any where near other areas open door to information out there about trayvon martin
17:53:16 theyr decision not to try and bring up evidence of trayvon good character avoid need of me to brng might not be evident
17:53:39 i think hes still very worried, hes very stressed state trying to put him away for life in sit he thought he wasdoing  to protect his life, he will sigh a moment of releif and nto a moment before
17:54:14 how these people got the way they got and
17:54:25 then he called another black man, that has now made certain elements relevent
17:54:49 if yor going to bring out what george brings to table then it may put on the table what martin put on the table fighting and things like that
17:55:19 i was very decided open the door to the past, may have backfired
17:55:42 the more you open out examination then the wider that field covers include on both parties
17:56:12 the toxicolgoy hasnt seen yet get to see
17:56:25 my understnading emotion suggested going to be no evidence no would suggest, we now have one matter of fact it does and we’ll have others so i think her standing was prove to me relevance
17:57:02 the evidnece goes welcome the idea guys…in not to mention witnesses fbi i would imagine state is not going to be sophmoric enough to get into that information
17:57:51 im not sure havent made final decsion yet, state left door open
17:58:05 enjoy the weekend.

Serafin Gomez
Miami Bureau Producer