Zimmerman defense attorney Mark O’Mara hold press conference


See notes below from my FNC colleague Serafin Gomez:

*ATF agent who arrested Zimmerman in 05 will not testify tomorrow O’Mara says. His understanding no more rebuttal witnesses.  180630 were done

* Means only go over jury instructions in am

*Zimmerman initially wanted to testify:
“180050 a big part of him wanted to get in front of the jury and talk to them and say this is my story, this is what I’ve done, this is why I did it. So it was a very difficult decision for George to make. We talked to him…with evidence the way it is I think we have a very very good chance with jury right now…we just decided that there was enough evidence in there that we didn’t need to present anymore ” 1801

180135 I think he wanted to tell his story. I think he really wanted to be able to interact with this jury and say to them this is what I did and this is why I did it 80140 more importantly this was happening to me at the time that I decided to do what I had to do…we give doctors scalpels for a reason and trust those..he trusted us in the way we looked at case 180200

*On why Martin’s THC levels were not entered into trial by defense:
1802 These things are a judgment call all along the way I think it was relevant evidence I don’t think it wouldve been..180227 I agree with judges final ruling that it should be available to us should we decide to present it..and that’s what judge ruled…

180246 I hope they believe we presented this case to do what we could to defend  george zealously
But Still protected the memory of the loss of a 17 year old son of two people in that court room each and every day so we had to sort of focus on what we had to present to jury in context of trying to be respectful of the event that happened late that night in rainy night back in 2012, impacted decision a lot 180320

* Zimmerman worried abt safety

*Typically takes judge 10 to 12 mins to charge a jury

*Log by Jessica Dibartolomeo Landa

Late start on log –
18:01:23 the jury has that
18:01:25 we decided there was enough evid in there didnt have to present
18:01:34 i think he wanted to tell his story, to say this is what i did and why i did and what was happening to me when i decided to do what i had to do.
18:01:53 we give dr scalp for a reason
18:02:16 these things are a judgement call all along the way
18:02:26 i agree with judges final ruling should be avaialbe to us should we decide to use it
18:02:41 i hope everyone understands believe we presented case in a way did what we could defend george zealously
18:02:59 respected loss of a 17 year old
18:03:09 present in context trying to be respecutufl what happened rainy night
18:03:23 self defesne if self defense to everythign to murder, manslaughter what happened out there was not a crime
18:03:37 shouldnt be second degree or any lessers
18:03:44 what george did was intentional act reason why was self defense doesnt suggest manslaughter charge woudl be appropriate
18:04:11 in like form wanted to make srue it was our decision certinaly respect her decision
18:04:28 we had reasons wanting to have options for us, fine where we are
18:04:39 its a great peice of demonstrative evide to give jury idea of what happening that night
18:04:54 what we have a lot of people hearing a lot of different things present in coheisive form
18:05:07 hes very worried. hes happy way evidence got out
18:05:22 but state of fl tryign to put him behind bars for the rest of his life
18:05:36 they need a conviction, adds to stress fright sombody had to do something to protect his life.
18:06:02 that george had no alternative did what he believed reasonabley to protect himself from great bodily injury if we’ve presented jury with evidnece we’ve done our job.
18:06:26 we’re done, made decision not to move forward
18:06:34 no rebutal or sur rebuttal
18:06:50 had decsion been made to present him we would have, over …there are 200 witnesses identified…decided not to call
18:07:20 i do not want jury looking at this and feeling law suggest sympathy
18:07:52 i dont want compromise verdicts or jury
18:08:09 i think he was confident in desire to talk to jury not lack in way case was presented
18:08:23 agrevaded assult we’ll talk about that with judge
18:08:47 again its hard to say take one string out complete defense stradegy didnt seem to be significant enough worth while making focus on that
18:09:26 concerned about jury’s sensitivities how jury is going to view what we present.  callign tracy to stand weigh positive and negatives
18:10:03 the doll no that was

impromptu sometimes those things come over you
18:10:28 im still frustrated some phone evidence we got so late we’rent able to do background work
18:10:44 scraped thru it got what we thought we needed, in that context able to put on a pretty decent case.
18:11:02 seems like forever when your listening to it solid ten or 12 mins, allowed to have copy of instructiosn go back with jury
18:11:37 cat 1 are mandatory upon request judge need to make decision factual basis
18:11:51 couldnt go in an ask posession of marijuana by george, state may believe facts to support their lessers i dont believe there are
18:12:17 life in prisonment to walking out a free man
18:12:27 he could face up to 30 years on one consideration how they may charge
18:12:37 the concern is in fl law cant advise them on penalties second degree murder i know thats serious but manslaughter may n ot
18:12:57 seem intiutive look at law apply facts, dont think we need to look at considerations for sentencing jury pardons or anything like that
18:13:18 nothing will be mentioned about sentensing to this jury
18:13:28 pure emotion yea
18:13:42 i think he’s worried about personal safety movign forward, people proably not going to accept aquittal
18:14:13 question of semantics or words, always needs to be cached in terms of defendants convo with council
18:14:30 wasnt suppstantive
18:14:49 you may not be aware stipulation, the last years worth of burglery but jury has to consider last years worth alarms going off, to know context why george was calling, she was one of the most recent victims and most horrific
18:15:29 i thought htat was necessary to present to this jury.
18:15:37 the state was considering somethign liek that for rebuttal and decided not to so that never needed to be ruled onby the court
18:15:58 been cautious
18:16:08 when perceived racial motivated event, picture was taken two days before gentil testified and that was all cleared up.
18:16:40 theyre rebuttal is directly connected to what we present, didnt have voice witnesses to present
18:16:58 dr dimayo had opportunitiy so decided they had nothing else left to present.