Evil President Bashir of Sudan – I never forget for one second and will not until he faces his genocide indictment


It is the weekend and we have spent much time this week on ON THE RECORD at 10pm discussing the Zimmerman trial (we had other topics, too but mostly the trial.)  Since it is now the weekend and you know how consumed I am with the evil of President Bashir, I thought I would post this pic taken of Reverend Franklin Graham (Samaritan’s Purse) and me in Sudan.

NOTE, and the reason for posting, the mud caked on our vehicle.  Why the mud?  So that President Bashir’s bombers overhead did not spot us and bomb us.  Imagine if driving in your town you had to hide like this because your President was trying to kill you!  Of course the people of the Nuba Mountains don’t have cars (most don’t even have shoes as they flee on the hot sand in 110 degree weather!) so the bombers overhead know they are killing aid workers bringing food to the people.  Of course Bashir doesn’t want to just kill aid workers helping the frightened and starving people of the Nuba Mountains….he wants to kill the people, too.

By the way, please read the other posting I have posted today about President Bashir – there is NOW A CHANCE to arrest President Bashir and have him answer to the ICC genocide indictment. He is headed to NIGERIA and NIGERIA is a signatory to the ICC Treaty….so if Nigeria keeps its word, it must arrest Bashir the second he steps on Nigeria soil. You might want to send an email to the Nigerian Embassy in USA and tell them to keep their word…and to arrest Bashir!


And one other thing…YOU, as a loyal reader of GretaWire know about the evil of Bashir (you have seen all the pics and there are more posted on the 4:58pm posting of yesterday) than any one else!  It is up to all of us to just keep reminding ourselves and telling others about it.  The people of Nuba Mountains do not want money from us or our military — they just want their President to quit killing them.  They are just innocent farmers living in the mountains trying to raise their families.  The cruelty is just beyond anyone’s wildest imagination ..