ABC News’ Rick Klein calls himself “platform agnostic” in podcast with It’s All Journalism


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ABC News’ Rick Klein — Platform agnostic and ready to beam news into your head

By Megan Cloherty, It’s All Journalism

WASHINGTON – ABC News’ Rick Klein has many roles, his favorite being that of a political director. He swears by Twitter, providing an audience the news they want and staying out of the weeds.

Klein got his start in politics as a kid coloring electoral maps instead of iHop placemats. He always had his eye set on covering politics and thought that starting as a print journalist would be his ticket to Washington. After working at The Dallas Morning News and covering politics and the Bush campaign for The Boston Globe, Klein landed at ABC News as a reporter for its website in 2007.

He’s no longer behind the scenes. Klein is now the director of content out of Washington for World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer, often featured on NPR and Fox News, hosts a weekly webcast that rivals most cable news for ratings and maintains his editorial ground in daily political reporting.

For Klein, the details are not in the medium.

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