Boy selling hot dogs to rebuild city park in honor of father killed in Texas plant explosion


Hot dog fundraiser to benefit West City Park

By HOLLIE O’CONNOR, Waco Tribune

Parker Pustejovsky, 4, has always wanted to be just like his dad.
His father, Joey Pustejovsky, volunteered with the West Volunteer Fire Department and helped organize fund-raisers — from tractor pulls to barbecues — for the department and other community causes. As city secretary, he also worked to get grant funding to renovate West City Park.

Joey Pustejovsky died in the 
April 17 fertilizer plant explosion while fighting the fire that caused it, but the memories of his dad’s civic involvement are likely what prompted Parker to come up with a fundraiser of his own, his grandparents said.

Parker told his grandparents, Joe and Carolyn Pustejovsky, that he wanted to sell hot dogs to rebuild the city park. With help from the community, his idea will become reality Saturday afternoon.

The park is just blocks from the scene of the explosion and sustained major damage to its playground equipment, public restrooms, tennis courts and other amenities.

Officials still are trying to get an estimate of how much money rebuilding the park would cost, but Joe Pustejovsky said it doesn’t matter how much money the event makes if it brings the community together.

“You’d have to sell a lot of hot dogs to rebuild the park, but my wife and I asked (Parker) about selling hamburgers or 
T-shirts, and he said he wanted to sell hot dogs,” Joe Pustejovsky said.

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