First, I hate Sudan President Bashir….but you know that. Second, what is the weather like in Sudan? Step outside right now in most parts of the USA!

Sudan 20175


FG and Greta Visit to South SudanI am in NYC and just went for a walk — what a mistake!  This heat is awful!

I walked past a building with an electronic news sign (yes, Fox) and it said the temperature feels like 108.  (108? I think 118!  It is ugly.)

As my husband and I were walking, I said to him, ‘this feels like Sudan.”  But then after a short thought,  I added “imagine all those refugees homeless, their farms destroyed, walking shoeless, starving and dehydrated….some maimed with missing limbs from President Bashir trying to kill them, some rape victims from his army…all hoping President Bashir won’t drop a bomb on them as they flee.  They have no idea where they are walking or where they will end up.  That is their daily non stop life…not just a morning walk like ours before we dodge into air conditioning.”

It occurred to me that my walk in 108 degree weather inhaling exhaust fumes is a luxury…it is so so so so vastly better than what the fleeing refugees of Sudan / Nuba Mountains are experiencing.  I am embarrassed that I felt momentarily bad that I was enduring this heat.   I have it so good.

PS – if you know an elderly person or someone who is sick who is in this heat, do something about it.  This heat is dangerous.  You and should help.  We should all help.


Some pics of kids in Sudan from when I traveled there with Reverend Franklin Graham and Samaritan’s Purse:

sudan 17796

sudan 164