Worst smearing headline about me – but that is not the point, the point is this shows some want to heal and some want to try to create divide where there should be none

imageHow do we heal pain? We can’t heal it for the family of Trayvon – their pain is immeasurable and permanent. But we should try to work together to improve matters and not stir up trouble. This is not to say things are perfect – they are not – but there are two directions we can take: work together or tear apart.

Whoever wrote this headline doesn’t know me, misstates the facts, is trying to smear me with this gross headline and much much worse, is trying to stir up a divide in this country. She must be seething with hate – she sure has a bad motive.

I engaged in a discussion about healing. This headline writer is doing something bad and not because she smears me (this is not about me) but for the big picture – twisting the discussion about healing and putting it in a false light.

PS anytime this headline writer wants to compare what I have done in the area of civil rights and for minorities and what I have done and currently do for poor people and those who are are hurting to what she has done, I am ready. I have never had a “get over it” attitude when it comes to others who have pain – and she knows it.

And don’t you love it when the haters don’t fully identify themselves? She uses a first name only in the headline – because she lacks the courage and honor to identify herself as she does a drive by ambush designed not to help heal but create more divide. That ought to tell you something.