SCHOOL PRINCIPAL plagiarizes …. and we wonder what is wrong (by the way, she was hoping to inspire her staff!)

No, of course this is not all teachers and all principals….but, really?  plagiarism? 

Is an apology really enough or should she be fired?  How much tolerance should there be?  Should not an example be set? 

Boston principal plagiarized Forbes column


Dorchester middle school leader apologizes to staff

By James Vaznis | GLOBE STAFF JULY 22, 2013

A newly appointed Boston middle school principal, hoping to inspire her staff to take risks for success and to learn from one another, extensively plagiarized a Forbes magazine column on leadership in her first memo to the staff, sparking outrage among some teachers and an apology from the principal.

Jaime Moody, principal of Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School in Dorchester, sent the memo by e-mail on July 9, copying word-for-word or slightly tweaking large chunks of the column, titled “Why Getting Comfortable with Discomfort is Crucial to Success.”


The plagiarized material consumed more than 300 words of Moody’s two-page memo, and she never attributed any information to the Forbes column, written by Margie Warrell and published April 22, according to a copy of the memo obtained by the Globe.