Is this the SAME New York Times that criticized me? Talk about conflict of interest and hypocrites !

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You have to love this one!

Brian Stelter of The New York Times whose VERY job is to report on the cable news media ( and yes, usually with a handful of anonymous sources and the topic is TV and not national security!) is going to guest host the CNN media show August 11.

Stelter writes about CNN ( and MS/NBC and Fox News ) and is now either hustling CNN or the other way around…there is no clearer conflict of interest. Stelter now knows where his bread is buttered now  (and where is the New York Times Public Editor?)

PS This is the same New York Times who criticized ME because my husband ( not me ) is friends with Herman Cain! No one ever said I pulled my punches or criticized my interviews – the New York Times just objected to who my husband, not me, occasionally had dinner with.

Yes, I know, expect Stelter to trash me now with his collection of anonymous sources because I dared to call him out.

Note that Stelter tweeted me that I spelled his name wrong and I have now fixed it…and he said the date of his CNN guest hosting is August 11 (now fixed) – and he says he reports, does not critique (also changed — although if you rely on anonymous sources so often in non national security or other serious matters, I do wonder if that is reporting …but…oh well, so many also use anonymous sources liberally so I changed it for him.)