My dinner with the President of SOUTH Sudan (not Sudan) — President Kiir was not happy with President Obama – click to read and find out

Pres of SOUTH Sudan (we had dinner with him and with Rev Franklin Graham)

The tweet I copied below reminded me of this:

When I traveled to Africa with Reverend Franklin Graham in April 2012, I had dinner with the President of South Sudan, President Kiir.  At the time, President Kiir was angry with President Obama.  Kiir said at dinner that the only time he heard from President Obama was about a week or so before we had dinner….that it was for President Obama’s selfish purposes and that it was because President Obama wanted him to open up his oil fields.  The President of South Sudan, then in a fight with the President of Sudan (Bashir) that continues to today, had shut down the South Sudan oil fields in January 2012. 

President Kiiur said the only reason that President Obama called him two weeks earlier, and for the first time, was because the Chinese buy so much oil from South Sudan and with the oil fields shut down, China was going to the international market for oil and thus driving up oil prices all over the world, including our gas prices in USA and it was an election year (2012.)  President Kiir expressed anger that President Obama was trying to use him for President Obama’s political purposes (gas prices in an election year.)   President Kiir said his new country (July 2009) had problems and that he had hoped President Obama would have helped them instead of use him.   

I have no idea what is what ..whether gas prices in USA would go up from shutting down the oil fields in South Sudan or even that quickly…but merely reporting what was said to me at dinner by the President of the South Sudan.

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