Governor Howard Dean now says Governor Sarah Palin is/was right about IPAB in Obamacare


Below is from Time Magazine on line. In the years since Obamacare passed, the Democrats criticized Governor Sarah Palin when she said IPAB (part of Obamacare) was bad and would ration medical care….and now fast forward to right now and look who NOW agrees with her: Governor Howard Dean.

What do you think about this?


“…[Governor Howard] Dean says IPAB is a “rate-setting” board that would ration care by reducing Medicare physician reimbursements so drastically certain medical services would no longer be available. “If you had to go see a physician and make some complicated decisions about a serious illness, would you want a board in Washington making the decisions about what you could have and couldn’t or would you rather have your physician making those decisions?” asks Dean.

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