Here is rough draft of what White House Jay Carney just said about ‘scandals’ at the Q and A moments ago


Here are notes from FNC’s Joy Lin followed by the Q and A of WH Press Sec Jay Carney:

Carney listed IRS, Benghazi as among the “phony scandals” Washington has been consumed by. On IRS, Carney said that Congress has failed to provide evidence that White House acted in a way that was partisan or political. Carney said WH views on Benghazi are well-known.


Carney talked nostalgically about a time when Congress spent more time on issues than scandals.


From FNC Kelly Chernenkff’s log —

Q: What phony scandals is he referring to


13:39:08 we all remember few weeks ago when washington consumed with variety of issues that while in some cases were significant– effort to turn into partisan scandals. Dont’ think anybody would doubt that

13:39:34 As time has passed, and more become known, whether Benghazi and talking points or conduct at IRS– attempts to turn into scandal have failed.

13:39:56 When comes to IRS, the pres made very clear wants new leadership to take action to correct improper conduct. Expects results. What Congress has failed to do is provide evidence, bc is none, that was in any way directed by WH or is in any way partisan or political

13:40:33 Evidence i have seen>> self-identified republicans– clearly denied there was any partisan or political motivation

13:40:55 Doesn’t mean right thing to do. means have to address as poor performance and reject calling it partisan or political

13:41:15 Views on Benghazi well-known


Q: You mentioned two.


13:41:26 There was a period where lot more energy focus in congress on issues that while important, were not scandals