THIS IS FUNNY – fundraiser letter title is ‘can we stop pointing fingers’ and then it does exactly that! It points fingers! Click, read and comment

Check out this fundraiser letter below.  You have love it.  Check the title (I highlighted in red) and the text highlighted in red.   The fundraiser letter does the exact thing (pointing fingers) that the candidate says he wants to stop….go figure, right? 


[name of recipient] can we stop pointing fingers and find real solutions?


Dear [name of recipient],

Congressman Keith Rothfus recently argued that the struggles many of our neighbors face are to be blamed on Democrats, because economic recovery is not happening fast enough. Well, I for one am growing tired of his “we broke it but you’re not fixing it fast enough” blame game.


The fact is, Mr. Rothfus and his Tea Party allies have no sensible plan to fix our economy, no fresh ideas, no evidence-based solutions and no positive vision for the future.


Real economic recovery will happen when people in Washington start focusing on solving our problems rather than finding scapegoats.


Real economic recovery will happen when we stop sending our innovations and ideas to be manufactured by countries that do not meet the standards of the United States of America.


Real economic recovery will happen when Congress stops paying back their campaign contributors with tax breaks and starts rebuilding the greatest weapon in our economic arsenal—the purchasing power of the American middle class.


Can you contribute $50, $100 or $250 to stop the D.C. blame game and bring real solutions to America?


Help me bring new ideas and solutions to our nation’s greatest problems by contributing to our campaign for Congress. Then we can solve one of the greatest barriers to economic recovery—Keith Rothfus and his outdated, blame-ridden, ideological policies.


Best regards and warm wishes,