Last night ON THE RECORD at 10pm we did a segment about Benghazi and the fact that CNN got an interview with a suspect on the ground in Libya and the FBI did not.  This morning I read this:

“…..The interview [by CNN] ended up making news on other channels. “The Five” incorporated it into a segment on the attack, even as CNN aired excerpts from the interview, though the Fox News show didn’t identify CNN, lest someone change the channel....”  (TV Newser, in part)

This is not complete reporting by TVNewser.  I realize the posting was technically only about THE FIVE but I read it as a backhanded slap at Fox.  (“…lest someone change the channel…”)  From my 20 +years on cable news, I can tell you that the live show FIVE and its hosts were not watching CNN to know that simultaneously excerpts were being wired.  They were busy doing their work.  So scratch that motive.

Perhaps a more complete reporting is called for.  Not only did I mention CNN in the 10pm hour for this interview, but I actually noted that I “tipped my hat” to the CNN correspondent for getting the interview.  

So I went further than just noting the network that got the interview, I noted my professional admiration for the correspondent getting the interview.  

I realize that it is not as good a story if Fox is seen as giving credit to another network for good work done.  

More importantly, 4 Americans were murdered.  I appreciate any good work to get to the bottom of it and catch the killers.   I appreciate the risk correspondents take and there was risk going after this interview and getting it.  (And the FBI did not!)


PS: Note that I did not name the correspondent but referred to her as “CNN Correspondent” for the simple reason I don’t know her and momentarily forgot her name.  I tend to know the names of domestic correspondents for networks more than foreign correspondents.  

Let me specifically name her now: Arwa Damon.