What Congress just did to you is appalling. I would not do this to you in a million years and I doubt you would do this either. It is indecent….just WRONG.  Read the previous Politico story posted where it reports that Congress, as it races out the door for 5 week vacation, exempted itself (and staff)  from Obamacare.  So let me get this straight….they push OBAMACARE on EVERY OTHER AMERICAN except themselves.  Really? Unbelievable, isn’t it?

And it gets more disgusting….the article says there was a bit of a rush to get their exemption passed before their 5 week vacation because the Health Care Exchanges open October 1. They needed to make sure they were not disrupted. Really? They had to take care of themselves with the exchanges date of October 1….but the CONTINUING RESOLUTION that funds the government (AND IMPACTS YOU) expires September 30 but they are ignoring that until after their 5 week vacation.

So…let me get this straight….what matters to YOU and is their job to handle can wait until their 5 week vacation is over. What matters to them, gets done NOW, before their 5 week vacation. They come first even though they work for you and you even pay for their 5 week vacation.

I really don’t know how Members of Congress can sleep at night when they pull these stunts on the rest of America. This is a ruling that has been pressured by Capitol Hill. At the very minimum, this selfish ruling should have been put at the back of the line — after the CR and Debt Ceiling handled.

Am I wrong?