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Charles Krauthammer

Charles Krauthammer has a new book coming out.  Be the first to read about it (and yes, order it!)



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From America’s preeminent columnist Charles Krauthammer, named by Financial Times “the most influential commentator in America,” comes the long-awaited collection of his essential, timeless writings. Things That Matter presents his penetrating and surprising reflections on everything from embryo research to entitlement reform, from Halley’s Comet to border collies, from Christopher Columbus to Martin Luther King, from drone warfare to American decline.


A national thought leader known for his uncompromising honesty, Krauthammer has for decades dazzled readers with his keen insight into politics and government. Now, finally, the best of Krauthammer’s intelligence, erudition and wit are collected in this one volume. With a special, highly autobiographical introduction in which Krauthammer reflects on the events that shaped his career and political philosophy, this personal chronicle of American life is a unique publishing event, years in the making.