Where are they going to go? There are NO JOBS! (And it is largely their fault!)


Below is the explanation why Congressional Leaders and their staff members just got preferential Obamacare treatment (ie YOUR tax dollars continuing to pay up to 75% of their cost for insurance.) They  BOTH (staff and Members of House and Senate) just got their preferential treatment (meaning you pay for their insurance) from President Obama and OPM:

“…The Obama administration and congressional leaders want to preserve the payments to ensure staffers don’t leave the Hill in droves in response to the new costs….OPM said that contribution [from you taxpayer of up to 75 % of cost] will not be counted as additional taxable income for the employee…  [from Politico]

Exactly WHERE is everyone going to go “in droves?”  There are no jobs.  And there are no jobs largely because Capitol Hill and the President don’t resolve important economic issues for the nation but instead kick them down the road and go on vacation leaving business people in uncertainty as to what the hell is going on and how or whether to expand their business, meaning hire people.

Capitol Hill and the President have been lousy stewards of the nation’s economy.  (I would tell them…but they are on vacation.)


PS – It is just plain wrong to keep giving specials to your friends!  What is the President thinking of when he agreed to it?  and what was Congress thinking when it asked for it?  Certainly neither was thinking about YOU.


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