Reverend Franklin Graham with a young couple who have sacrificed so much – look closely at the pic and you will see the injuries BUT ALSO NOTE THE SMILES!

wounded soldier

I am sure you noticed, this young soldier has been severely injured.  It happened just a short time after he married and after he was deployed. This has been on extremely tough on him and on his wife.

I met them here in Alaska.  I was  impressed both of them.  I was inspired by both of them.  They have a determination that can’t be described.  They are under the age of 25 and have already endured so much and have many tough days ahead.  They were at Samaritan’s Purse program here in Alaska for injured soldiers and their spouses and I took this pic after they finished their week here in Alaska.

I can tell you from speaking to them that this week at Samaritans Purse OPERATION HEAL OUR PATRIOTS was a tremendous boost for them.

Look closely at their smiles  — doesn’t that tell you so much about them and so much about Reverend Graham and all the volunteers at Samaritan’s Purse?