I just spotted another UFO in Alaska! Click to see it!

UFO 25686

My first day here in Alaska I tweeted a pic from my iPhone that apparently caught the reflection in the window of the light behind me and over my head.

A few friends have told me that THE BLAZE website reposted that pic and said (kidding, I hope) that my pic showed a UFO.

Well…I just looked at this pic I took of my husband putting on waders to go fishing and there is another one!  ANOTHER UFO!! RIGHT OVER HIS HEAD! AND THIS TIME IT SNEAKED INSIDE!  Check it out!   Apparently there are lots of UFO’s here in Alaska!

(Yes, I am kidding.  It is the light fixture over his head …just like in the other pic posted.)

PS – scroll down and see the pics of Reverend Franklin Graham, the Samaritan’s Purse volunteers and MOST IMPORTANTLY the wounded soldiers and their spouses.