Reverend Franklin Graham demonstrating for me what Samaritan’s Purse bought to help some of the double amputees get around – to help them fish, see bears etc; these are real life changing vehicles for those who have catastrophic injuries (and yes, Bill O’Reilly is trying to raise money to buy personal ones for wounded soldiers)

Alaska 25782

Many of the soldiers who participate in OPERATION HEAL OUR PATRIOTS of Samaritan’s Purse have lost both legs.  To give them freedom, and to make sure they can participate fully in OPERATION HEAL OUR PATRIOTS (fishing, bear watching etc), Samaritan’s Purse purchased a Tracker and Reverend Graham showed me how wonderful they are.  These vehicles can navigate the wildest terrain and in doing so, liberate the injured vet.  The vehicle is amazing.

Reverend Graham had me get on one to try it out so that I was convinced — and I am convinced.   The Tracker can go anywhere and it is simple to operate.  It liberates amputees as much as is possible – which is very important.  It is exactly what so many amputees need.  They want to be independent, and they want to be able to do many of the things they could before they were injured.  This is a remarkable vehicle which goes far towards reaching those goals.

By the way,  my FNC colleague Bill O’Reilly is pushing to raise money to buy them for our injured vets.  It gives them back some of their freedoms curbed by catastrophic injuries.   We need to get these for our double amputee vets for their personal use.

The price tag (I think) is about 15k….it is steep….but it changes lives and we owe our double amputee vets these.  (If you want to contribute to Samaritan’s Purse who is also helping injured vets and their spouses, click here.  Every cent helps.)

By the way, the couple in the pic below who were helping me see how the Tracker works, are Mark and Sandy.  They have have been in Alaska since the 1970’s and are from (where else?) Wisconsin!  They work for Samaritan’s Purse and are incredibly kind to the injured vets and their spouses.  I will post pics later of the cabins the vets stay in and you will be blown away by the first class nature of the cabins — all decorated by Sandy.  The level of attention to the details and needs of the vets and their spouses shows how kind Sandy is and the staff of Samaritan’s Purse.  They really want this program to be a wonderful experience for the injured vets and their wives.