Samaritan’s Purse: Operation Heal our Patriots (click to read about it)

Samaritans Purse

Of course not everyone can go to Alaska to help wounded soldiers and their spouses…but chances are there are some injured soldiers in your community and there might be something you could do in your own community….even a phone call or stopping in for a cup of coffee helps…or maybe even click on the link below and contribute so that Samaritans Purse program can expand to help more.  There are many ways we all can pitch in and help and it is fun to help.  What we need is as many people as we can helping.

What I learned this weekend fishing with the wounded soldiers and their spouses is that there are some programs — but very little attention is given to helping the spouses.  The spouses are injured, too.  They are deeply wounded.   The person each married before the injury is not the same person who returns from war after the injury.  Dealing with these injuries is very hard — and it has an impact on the entire family, including spouses and children.

This weekend was a great chance to help not just the wounded but their spouses, too.

CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT SAMARITANS PURSE program to help wounded soldiers and spouses.