Senior U.S. official: military strike on Syria “likely to last hours not days”

From FNC’s Jennifer Griffin:

According to a senior US official, a military strike on Syria is “likely to last hours not days.”

A report on NBC suggesting that the strike could last 3 days is being viewed by those familiar with the plans as inaccurate.

Pentagon officials confirm that the plans do not include regime change therefore there is little need for waves of strikes over a period of days.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs has said repeatedly that “there is no military solution” for regime change in Syria. That is not part of the current mission should the President order a strike, according to sources.

According to one senior US defense official, in response to reports that a window to strike opens as early as Thursday, “the window to strike is open now from a military perspective. The decision about timing is political.”

Also important to remember that weather does not play a role in when a Tomahawk cruise missile can be launched.

The current mission, according to a senior US defense official, “is to deter the regime from using chemical weapons in the future and to degrade its capabilities…we have a military solution for that.”