Best Bet Ever! (I can’t believe my stage manager agreed to this! Ha!)

Packers, Cheesehead, bet

My stage manager is a HUGE Washington Redskins fan.

I am a HUGE Green Bay Packer fan (and a decades long owner of one share.)

On September 15, at Lambeau, the Packers host the Redskins.

After (not if) the Packers win, my stage manager Joseph will have to spend the following day, Monday, wearing a CHEESEHEAD! Ha!  I can not wait!

If, on the other hand, something freakish (refs cheat?) happens and the Redskins win, I merely have to wear Redskin colors on the air on Monday, September 16.

In Joseph’s enthusiasm for his team, he made this bet….and I expect him to keep it.  Yes, I will take pictures for you.