Check out what my FNC colleague Doug McKelway just emailed me

Doug McKelway

Below is email from Doug:


Sen Inhofe last night after conference call: ‘There’s a new term you’re going to hear over and over again as we did last night — it’s called a broad range of options 9:32:46


President Obama minutes ago: “POTUS said the military and his team are looking at a “wide range of options.


Samantha Power, architect of the Libya campaign, Senator Obama staffer, human rights activist, and now UN Ambassador speaking to New York Times in 2003: ”If you think of foreign policy as a toolbox, there are a whole range of options — you can convene allies, impose economic sanctions, expel ambassadors, jam hate radio,” she said. ”There is always something you can do…”

–Samantha Power to NYT Feb 5, 2003