Just a note about Secretary of State John Kerry’s remarks – click


In his speech moments ago, I don’t see Secretary John Kerry as putting the brakes on military action and slowing things down …but rather putting the pedal to the floor. 

I had thought there might be a slowdown because President wanted to get some sort of nod from the United Nations but Secretary Kerry just said the UN inspectors report is irrelevant.  There is no reason for the Obama Administration to wait for UN to do anything at this point.  Secretary Kerry said that the Obama Administration is convinced that chemical weapons were used and  he also said – and this is significant – that the determination of use of chemical weapons by someone is the ONLY mandate the inspectors on the ground in Syria have.  The inspectors are only determining WHETHER chemical weapons were used and are not determining WHO used them...and if Obama Administration has already determined that chemical weapons were used (they have, see the previously posted declassified report), the UN inspectors’ report is not a hold up to military action (except there is a few hours hold up at least to get them out of Syria before any military strikes might happen.)