I realize there is world attention on Syria – but do not forget about the innocent children and innocent parents in the Nuba Mountains! This is pic of Rev Franklin Graham and me traveling in mud caked vehicle so bombers don’t spot us


By the way, I am not suggesting a military action in Sudan / Nuba Mountain region by posting this.  You, as a GretaWire blogger, know more about Sudan and the Nuba Mountains than anyone else — unless you live there or are trying to sneak food and medicine to the suffering.  Each weekend I make sure I do not forget these innocent people…


believe it or not, I work on this crisis all the time.  I don’t give up.

Here is a piece of information:  this past week I sat down with Representatives of Sudan’s President Bashir.  They are not happy with my sharp comments here on GretaWire.  I told them that my goal is simple: just to get the Sudanese government to stop the bombing, let food go in, and let the people farm their land and raise their families.  That is all I want and then I will shut up.

I want to erase the images in my mind of the children starving to death and hiding in caves with no food….and that will only happen when the bombing stops.

I don’t want to think of myself simply parachuting in, seeing something awful…and turning my back and going…and not trying to do something to help.