Iran’s ‘moral clampdown’ on women – click to read

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NCRI – The Iranian regime has intensified its police patrols enforcing the regime’s ‘moral clampdown’ on women who are ‘improperly veiled.’


Agents have been patrolling Tehran’s main squares and shopping and recreation centers, including Farahzad, Darband, Darakeh, Lavausan, and Touchal, to ensure women do not break the strict dress codes.


On August 29, police forces were out in force at a concert being held at Millad Tower, barring entry and arresting women deemed to be improperly dressed.


Security forces also approached and insulted two young girls on Semnan Street for wearing open-fronted coats, causing a backlash from angry onlookers.


Ahmad Garavand, Deputy Commander of Iranian regime’s border police, told the state-run ISNA news agency on August 18: “If sea patrol agents observe badly dressed women, they will hand them over to law enforcement agents.


“We deal with badly dressed women in recreational boats in the same way we deal with them in cars.”


There are various police and security patrols to impose the dress code. Zahedian revealed that 27 institutions in the regime monitor and control women’s clothing in public places.


He added: “The security forces will monitor women’s clothing in public places by using cameras and filming them.”


On August 15, The commander of the Iranian regime’s security forces rejected the possibility that the tough rules on veiling would be relaxed under Hassan Rouhani’s presidential term.


IRGC Brigadier General Ahmadi Moqaddam told the state-run Mehr news agency: “The time has not come for women to put aside their veils. There has been no change in the status of women’s hijab as Hassan Rouhani takes office.”


Compulsory wearing of the hijab is a basic principle of the Velayat-e faqieh system, with both supreme leader Ali Khamenei’s faction and ‘reformist’ rival factions all supporting the practice.