Wild, huh?

Secretary John Kerry makes what sounds like an off the cuff remark about Syria turning over its stockpile of chemical weapons to the international community. Russian President Putin picks up the ball and runs for the goal post….and now? Have we avoided war?

How did our foreign policy morph from punish and deter to give them up and all will be forgotten with an off the cuff remark?

Can you believe the USA gets rescued from war by the former head of the KGB?

President Obama and President Putin have had a very chilly relationship and now President Putin steps in?

And as bizarre as how this has unfolded, it is great if Syria gets rid of the chemical weapons and we avoid war. Of course what happens in Syria from this day forward is unknown….and their civil war continues.

Finally – there will be those who say President Obama’s threat of war was strong, courageous and thus created this predictable scenario…and others will say he was weak and lucky. But ..if this works, I don’t care how we got here.