SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 – click to read


It is hard to believe how much time has passed since September 11, 2001.  So much has happened and so much is different.

Like so many others, I know exactly where I was and what I was doing.  I was on a plane on the runway at Reagan national airport getting ready to take off when the first two planes hit WTC.  I got the news from my blackberry.  I figured the first one was an amateur pilot in a small plane.   And then a short time later there was a second one.   A second one?  That was very ominous!  Two planes flying into the WTC?  That is not just 2 lost or confused pilots.

Our plane was turned around to go back to the gate at Reagan airport….I got off…and was headed to my car on the parking lot rooftop when I heard the roar of a plane.  I looked up where planes are usually and there was no plane.  I had looked too high.   I had looked where you expect to see a plane.   I had looked above the plane that was already very low, flying low…and headed directly into the side of the Pentagon.

Suddenly I heard a giant explosion and I could see the smoke coming out of the Pentagon just 4 blocks away.  The smoke went blasting up into the sky.  It was deep black smoke but seemed to have glitter in it.  It was very strange.  My husband and I both said to each other, ‘what is that?’   What was the glitter that made the black cloud sparkle? 

I later figured out it was very small pieces of the skin of the American Airlines plane that was projected high into the air with the force of the explosion and the bright sun light on that Tuesday morning was catching it and making the black smoke sparkle.  

Yes, like so many others, I knew a passenger on that flight that slammed into the Pentagon.  I had argued with her two nights before 9/11 about some political issue.  I regretted that.

Finally I remember as a child my Father always talking about Pearl Harbor and with my childlike view, I could never figure out why he could not let that date go….and now I know.  I can’t (and won’t and don’t want to) let 9/11 go.  How about you?