Why Quinn Lost (click to read article from the NY Observer)

Christine Quinn Campaign Holds Primary Election Night Event

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Why Christine Quinn Lost
She tried to pass off her temper as genuine conviction.

By Elaine Lafferty

Why did Christine Quinn lose, when she was supposed to win? Here’s a proposition: It was not because she helped Bloomberg to a third term, not because she was too politically moderate and not because Bill de Blasio’s kid cut an effective television ad. It was not because New York hates women either.

Ms. Quinn lost because she won’t take a real risk. People with vision take risks. And New Yorkers knew they’d never find her swimming beside Diana Nyad toward a vision. Ever.

I met Ms. Quinn in April 2012 when she decided I should be the ghostwriter for her memoir. Within weeks, she changed her mind.

The whole business began when I got a call from my longtime agent. He’d signed a new client, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, and they’d signed a deal with Harper Collins for a memoir. She was looking for a writer, and he suggested me. He thought we’d get along—I’d been editor in chief of Ms. magazine and a staff writer for Time magazine, I’ve covered a few wars, I’m deeply Irish, and, perhaps most importantly, I way too often have an attraction for the fun, even over the lucrative.

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