Vice President Biden – the gentleman and loaded with experience (even if you don’t agree with him politically)

Update 7:55pm – Coincidental to the posting below, I just read that VP Biden was in Iowa.  That must mean he is seriously considering running for President.  I hope if he DOES decide to run, he does not get petty….and start slinging insults after I wrote he was a gentleman.

Whether you are politically in agreement with VP Biden or not, you have to admit he is a gentleman. See below the excerpt from the NY Times today.) Plus, if you ride AMTRAK, the conductors all say he is the nicest passenger of all. No where can you go where people who know or have met VP Biden don’t stick up for him and praise him. The media has been ruthless to him for making some verbal gaffes over the years (they give a ‘pass’ to those politicians they idolize) – but for all you Palin supporters, don’t forget the media has been ruthless to her, too. Sometimes (often?) members of the media – who sit on the sidelines – think they are a whole lot smarter than they are and, of course, it is a million times easier to sit on the sidelines than to jump into the game. You can laugh WITH someone about gaffes (we all make them) or laugh AT the person. VP Biden even has a good sense of humor and can laugh at himself.

I am not suggesting that VP Biden run for President or not (that is his business) nor whether you should vote for him or not should he run (that is your business), but if you read books about him, and even books about him as VP, you learn that he is has decades of real experience (eg Senate Foreign Relations Committee) and is often ‘the adult in the room.’

Let me repeat — you may not agree with him and you may think he is dead wrong politically — but respect him. He deserves it. He has actually earned it.


“….Like the time [VP Biden] was campaigning in 2008 in Nashua, N.H., and an audience member said he was glad Mr. Obama had tapped Mr. Biden to be vice president instead of Mrs. Clinton. “Make no mistake about it, Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am,” Mr. Biden said, jumping to his former rival’s defense. “And quite frankly, she may have been a better pick than me.” (foregoing from Sunday, Sept 15 New York Times)