We earned this one! All of us – and that means you, loyal 10pm viewer, too!

great news

I have absolutely loved the challenge of live cable news at 10pm and I have loved the very loyal audience– and I am extremely proud of our staff that we have been #1 at 10 for 11 1/2 years (that is a fabulous record!) — but sometimes you just want something new and challenging.

The 7pm opened up with Shep’s new challenge and I saw my opening, spoke to Roger Ailes who makes all the decisions (we had spoken months earlier, too, but only in general terms and never specific), and voila! It happened!

I am extremely grateful to Roger Ailes for letting me and letting us have this new challenge. I don’t intend to let him down and neither does our very smart and hardworking staff of ON THE RECORD.

Frankly, over the years I had feared that the fact that we have been #1 at 10pm ON THE RECORD for 11 1/2 straight years would actually inhibit our chances of ever getting a new challenge (why change what works?) Sometimes being #1 in your time slot makes it harder (nearly impossible?) to get a different time slot!

Just think how fun and exciting it is for our OTR staff and me to redesign a show after 11 1/2 years to meet a new time slot audience appetite ! Since I heard the great news from Roger my mind has been racing with ideas. We also have been looking at new designs for a new studio — I hope you will like the new look.

Ok, I confess, there is a part of me that does think it will be fun to get home early by 9pm each night! I won’t have to dodge the late night drunks on DC streets…or eat all my meals at the vending machine in the break room (but I may miss those Cheetos and DOTS! but perhaps that can be lunch?)

I am thrilled and the staff is thrilled. I hope you are, too, because you are very important to us. I feel like we all earned it together. It would not have happened without your loyalty to us. You need to join us at 7pm (or yes, DVR us!!) See you at 7pm.

And one final note, for those of you who know me, and many of you do as loyal bloggers here all these years, it is true that if I had been at #1 at 7pm for 11 1/2 years…..I would now want to try the 10pm. The 10pm is really fun, too. It is just fun to have a new adventure.