I so love our ON THE RECORD (soon to be at 7pm) staff! Check out this pic and the message on the pic! And click for further explanation

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 5.46.41 PM

This message above the pic needs some explanation: remember Former Rep Tom Delay on Dancing With the Stars?  He danced in red pants to Wild Thing (I think that was the music.)  We have teased each other around OTR ever since we saw that!   There really are no words for Dancing Delay!  If you work on OTR, and you get caught in red pants, you will get teased!

So….check out what Sam Del Priore wrote when she just emailed the pic to me.    Charlie — like the rest of us — feels like dancing after the announcement we have a new adventure…at 7p, starting Oct. 7.  We are all really really excited.  Charlie obviously feels like dancing since he has dance pants on!

On another note, big weekend for Sam!  She is getting married this week to another former OTR staffer – Tom Fox!  I am going!