How dumb can our government be? (click….read…and cry)

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Why is USIS still doing background checks for the government?  See below (and tell me what you think)


Contractor that screened Snowden also vetted alleged Navy Yard shooter


The government contractor that screened Edward Snowden also was responsible for a background check that granted “secret” security clearance to Aaron Alexis, the alleged Navy Yard shooter.


USIS, a private company based in Falls Church, Va., said on Thursday that it had vetted Alexis in 2007.The security clearance he subsequently received in 2008 was good for ten years, until 2018.


A USIS spokesman declined to say what Alexis’ background check revealed, although government officials have said it turned up a 2004 arrest in Seattle for malicious mischief.


“We are contractually prohibited from retaining case information gathered as part of the background checks  CLICK HERE