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Would someone on my staff PLEASE help me with iPhone so that I stop pocket dialing everybody?  I can’t take another call from someone telling me that I have just done it …again.  I have some pride.   I don’t mind people overhearing my conversations (my conversations are not that interesting and I deserve it if I am such an idiot….plus NSA is probably snooping, too!) but I do mind annoying others….and I am annoying others.

On my old blackberry I used to call Abbe Lowell (DC lawyer) at all times of the day and night for him.   Because his name starts with an A, he was my unfortunate target on my blackberry.   I would call him from places like Pakistan which, with the time change, would wake his wife and him in the middle of the night.   (By the way, while I have known Abbe for 20+ years, and so he is tolerant of my foibles, I don’t know his wife but she was so so so sweet to me every time.  She is a far better person than I am.  I would not have been sweet in the middle of the night getting a random call from some idiot who could not work her phone….) 

So…today, someone on my staff has to help me…or I am giving up the iPhone and going to smoke signals.