I met with Sudanese officials in Washington — they say I am not fair – click to read


About a month ago I met with Sudanese officials for about 3 hours here in Washington, DC.  This was on my own time – not Fox News Channel time.

Sudan’s represenatives are upset with me and say I am not fair to President Bashir.  Apparently President Bashir is REAL upset with me.  I have gotten under his skin.

They told me I should not believe everything I read.  I said that I don’t believe everything I read.  The problem is that I SAW IT.  I did not read about the atrocities — I SAW THE ATROCITIES.  My eyes don’t lie to me.

I traveled to the region with Reverend Franklin Graham and you could not miss the violence President Bashir inflicts upon his own innocent people — bomb craters next to schools, bombed out Christian churches and then, the worse, the children starving to death.   I saw it.  You have seen it too, because I have posted some of my more than 1000 pics from my time there. 

President Bashir’s people asked me to ‘tone down’ what I say about Pres Bashir — they don’t like words like ‘evil’ — and I said I would be happy to do so IF HE STOPS KILLING and BOMBING INNOCENTS.  It is that simple.  I will ditch the adjectives and even stop talking / blogging about him.   I don’t want to spend my time chasing down a man indicted by the ICC for genocide (that is the ICC prosecutor’s job…although I confess I would love THAT job.)  I have other things I would like to do in my spare time than constantly pound on President Bashir.  Until he stops, I can’t stop.

They told me they would get back to me after our meeting.  I have had (I think) two emails from them since our meeting.  If they are SO CERTAIN THEY ARE RIGHT – AND THAT PRESIDENT BASHIR IS A GOOD MAN – President Bashir should use his time in the USA to explain it to me.  I am a reasonable person.  Let him answer questions from me.  I want to hear his version of the events that gave rise to what I saw and what is happening since I left. 

(PS – Pres Bashir’s representatives – challenging my character and I think my good will – also asked if I had blogged about the flooding in Sudan unrelated to the Nuba Mountain crisis.   At the time of our 3 hour meeting, I had blogged on GretaWire about it only one time.  I promised to do so again.  I did blog again about the flooding in Sudan within 3 hours of my meeting with them, posted video of the humanitarian crisis and posted a link to the Canadian Red Cross where people could donate to help.  I kept my word.  I always do.  Will they keep their word?)