BREAKING NEWS: ABOUT TO GET VISA? Will Sudan’s President Bashir agree to an interview with me? I have seen his ‘cruel handiwork’ in the Nuba Mountains and I want to ask him about it — click to see the news about President Bashir

Pres Bashir targets Churches with his bombs

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I hope President Bashir is granted a visa and then I want to ask him some questions.  Will he agree to see me?  I will be polite but firm.  I want information.  I want an explanation for the people of the Nuba Mountains.  And, I want him to stop killing them.  My questions are the obvious ones that he should anticipate. “Why are you doing this?  Why are you bombing innocent children and their families? Why won’t  you stop?”

I am only only 5’3″ so certainly President Bashir can’t be afraid of me….and if he is so innocent of wrongdoing, he certainly can’t fear my questions, right?

The front page pic is/was a Church built by Samaritan’s Purse in Sudan.  Destruction of churches is just part of his trademark hobby …. he terrorizes families and they hide in caves to live where they then starve to death or just kills them right away.


Below is a bag of bugs they showed us — things are so bad that they search for bugs to eat.

the bugs the people gather to eat because Pres Bashir has bombed their villages and farms

The area around the child’s mouth below is decay from malnutrition — it is not dirt.  Note the orange tint to the hair — another sign.

child with malnutrition -- President Bashir did this to her