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Urgent: The Hithchiker’s Guide to Capitol Hill for Saturday (pm edition)

Per Pergram-Capitol Hill


The House of Representatives is prepping two bills for debate later today.


One measure is a revamped CR (short for Continuing Resolution) to fund the government past Monday night and avert a government shutdown. This is an effort to amend the CR the Senate passed yesterday.


Affixed to that legislation are two new provisions. One is the delay in implementing Obamacare for a year. The second change is a repeal of the medical device tax which helped defray the cost of Obamacare. Interestingly, repealing that tax adds $30 billion to the deficit.


The bill also funds the government through December 15. The Senate bill from yesterday keeps the lights on through November 15.


The House will also consider a separate piece of legislation to make sure the military is paid if there’s a government shutdown.


Here’s what’s next:


Almost every piece of legislation that goes to the House floor has to get a “rule.” It’s like playing baseball…only in the House, rather than using the same rules which have existed since Abner Doubleday, the House writes a new set of rules with which to use for every bill…such as how much time they’ll allocate to the measure and if any amendments would be in order. In other words, the House Rules Committee has to prepare a “rule” before you can play the game on the field.


Sometime this afternoon, the Rules Committee will meet to craft a rule. We think this could be a long meeting…as many Democrats may go to the session to protest. When the meeting starts, we’ll have the Rules Committee LIVE on REM 257.


The House of Representatives will remain out of session until it gets a “rule” from the Rules Committee..establishing the parameters for debate.

Below is from FNC’s Chad Pergram:

Once a rule is produced, the House comes back to session and first debates the new “rule” on the new CR.


The House floor will be LIVE on REM 258.


Once they start debate on the “rule” on the floor, it’s not accurate to say they are debating the bill. But they are talking about the issue at hand and the debate is often feisty. It’s okay to dip into the floor or pull SOTS from the rules debate for packages, live shots, whatever.


Then the House votes to approve the rule. If they approve the rule, then the House can play baseball.


The House then starts debate on the actual, revised CR and presumably votes later tonight.


With new Rules Committee meeting scheduled as yet, I tend to think things are going to drift later now…I completely see a scenario where the House is not even debating the bill itself until after 9 pm. Developing precise timing is hard to gauge until the Rules Committee has FINISHED its meeting.


Again, the Senate is not expected to return to session until 2 pm et Monday. The signals from the Senate about this new House approach are not good. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) can essentially flush the reworked House bill..back to the Senate…with a simple vote to “table” or set it aside sometime Monday afternoon. That vote only needs 51 yeas. The new CR which the House presumably will send to the Senate tonight is what’s deemed on Capitol Hill as “privileged.” That means it goes to the front of the line IMMEDIATELY without any possible delay or filibuster.




Chad Pergram

Senior Producer for Capitol Hill

FOX News