From FNC’s Chad Pergram: What happens next

U.S. Capitol

Urgent: User’s Manual to what happens next

Per Pergram-Capitol Hill

Some clarity on the most recent plan..

The House Rules Committee will meet at 10:30 pm et. We will feed back live.

A senior House leadership aide says the House will REVOTE what it just voted on at 8:40 pm…and send it BACK to the Senate…and move to appoint conferees to a conference committee to blend the different House and Senate versions.

A conference committee is where the House and Senate meet to work out differences in legislation and merge the varying bills into a single, unifed product. Both the House and Senate must approve the conference report produced by the conference committee…and send that to the White House. If they both can’t pass the same conference report, they’re stuck.

What does this mean: The government is going to shut down.